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FAQ about your home alarm

Of course. Further, the motion sensors on the alarm system can distinguish between pets and people.

The application is very simple and intuitive. You can arm and disarm the system, report emergencies, view notifications and the status of the devices. All easily, securely and privately.

Yes. And it also automatically notifies the police when there is any intrusion or incident.

Your security system will receive 4 annual maintenance services, at least one in person by our technical team and the rest remotely.

The time between when an alarm is detected (after being reviewed and detecting any false alarms in the security system) and until the police are notified is less than 30 seconds.

FAQ about your company alarm

Via our free personalised study, we analyse the needs of your business and then recommend a series of video cameras with the highest quality images so that your facilities will be fully protected. We also install them at the strategic points of your company.

Yes. You can set unique codes and access keys for each employee. You can also delete them and create new ones.

Your security system will receive 4 annual maintenance services, at least one in person by our technical team and the rest remotely.

Of course. We assess each case individually, along with the free study. Each office, company and business is different and, therefore, your security system and payment methods are too.

FREE personalised study and installation

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    At Securtem, we offer you the best service, best care and best products,
    something not all alarm and security companies can say.


    Securtem customers are satisfied customers

    I had an alarm with an international company that would not provide me with the service I took out and I decided to change to Securtem. They make everything easy and work under total transparency, which I really like.
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    Extremely happy with the alarm system and especially the app, really user friendly. Installing the alarm also went smoothly, and everything was really easy.
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    Delighted with the change of company and the installation. From the app I can run everything really easily and, with the alarm, the difference in quality is enormous. 100% recommended.
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    Excellent service and quality. There’s no comparison. They explain everything to you easily and clearly and the app is really simple to stay on top of everything. I am also very satisfied with the maintenance service, which they strictly fulfil.
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