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Dualcurtain Outdoor


DualCurtain Outdoor controls your property perimeter without creating obstacles for people who are already inside. Two independent optical systems with narrow viewing sectors and flexible settings allow you to accurately adjust 30 meters of the detection zone, excluding possible sources of false alarms.

Frequent pings by a hub
Security Grade

Engineering accuracy

On the sides of the detector there are two optical systems with narrow viewing sectors, each equipped with two PIR sensors. Thanks to temperature compensation, detection is always accurate.

Efficiency in the near area

DualCurtain Outdoor features a technology to expand the protected area, which is unique among outdoor curtain motion detectors.

Installation without brain teasers

The process of connecting and configuring DualCurtain Outdoor saves the installation engineer’s time in the best possible way. To add a detector to the system, all you have to do is scan the QR code with the Ajax app, assign a name and a room to it.

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Electro-optical radio channel security detector

Type of detector


Installation method

Outdoors / indoors


Hub Plus, Hub 2, Hub 2 Plus, ReX with OS Malevich 2.11 and higher


4 × PIR sensor

Motion detection distance

From 4 to 15 m (depending on settings) for each optical system

Protection false alarms


Alarm signal delivery time

0,15 s

Detection angles

Horizontal — 4.5° Vertical — depending on settings

Time for motion detection

From 0.3 to 2 m/s


Adjustable, 3 levels

Power supply

Batteries: CR123A (×2), 3 V

Battery life

Up to 4 years

Temperature sensor


Jeweller radio technology

Block encryption based on AES algorithm, Communication range a control panel — up to 1,700 m in an open space, Detector polling period — 12−300 s, Frequency hopping, Operating frequencies — 868.0 – 868.6 MHz, Self-adjusting RF output power — up to 25 mW, Two-way communication between devices

Operating temp. range

From –25°С to +60°С

Operating humidity

Up to 95%

Protection class



Jamming detection, Protection against forgery, Tamper-resistant


174 × 123 × 88 mm


615 g


Within 24 months from the date of sale

Service life

10 years

Complete set

2 × CR123A batteries (pre-installed), DualCurtain Outdoor motion detector, Installation kit, SmartBracket mounting panel, User's guide