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Until the end of 2022

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    Business alarms and reliable security systems

    Securtem, state-of-the-art security for your company

    Imagen Videovigilancia

    HD video surveillance system

    • The best video quality on the market.
    • Control and supervision of all cameras from the App.

    Alarmas para empresa

    24-hour-a-day protection against intruders and burglars

    • Early and immediate detection of any incident.
    • Control and monitoring from your mobile wherever you are.

    Alarms for company and business

    The best maintenance service

    • 100% personalised study and installation.
    • 4 annual maintenance services guaranteed.

    Securtem Protection Kit for your business

    placa_reducido Placas disuasorias

    Deterrent warning signs

    The Securtem plaque can be recognised from several metres away and is the first barrier installed by our security team, to deter any potential burglar or intruder.

    panel-118 Hub 2 (2G)

    Control Panel

    Security system control panel with support for photo verification. Hub 2 manages all the Ajax devices in the system to alert users about open doors, broken windows, threats of fire and flooding.

    panel-control118 Key Pad

    Wireless keyboard

    With a simple intuitive design, our wireless keyboard lets you easily arm and disarm your security system. We install it close to your front door or wherever you like, so that you can access it easily.

    securtem-control_118x118 Door protect plus

    Opening detector

    Your doors and windows will be totally safe with our wireless detectors, with tilt and shock sensors. Relax, knowing you are completely protected with anti-counterfeiting authentication and detection to prevent suppression, encryption and sabotage.

    sirena118 Street Siren

    Outdoor siren

    With acoustic and light alerts, so that everyone will hear or see the alarm. We install this siren outside your home or building, a siren that is dust, hail and rain resistant and works in extreme temperatures down to -25º C.

    movil_reducido App

    Mobile app

    Find out everything that’s happening from your mobile. With automatic alerts for all elements of your security equipment and ability to watch video recordings live. Configure and automate the security of your home or business.

    home-siren_118 Home Siren

    Acoustic security detector

    Wireless indoor siren that loudly notifies of an alarm during detector activation. It is installed indoors to warn of danger or deter intruders.

    Space_Control_118 Space Control

    Wireless security controller

    A key fob for controlling security modes. Features a panic button for sending alarms to your inner circle and a security company in case of trouble.

    camara2_118x118 Motion Cam

    Indoor motion-activated camera

    Feel completely protected with our motion sensor with camera. Capture any activity from 12m away, with a signal radius of up to 1700m and SmartDetect technology to filter out any false alarms.


    Securtem extra protection kit for your business

    Botón Securtem Button

    Wireless alarm button

    Immediate notification of an intrusion, gas leak or fire. You can also turn off lights, open doors and request medical help for dependents. All with a remote click.

    camara-HD_150 Cámara HD

    HD video surveillance system

    After conducting our personalised study, we install several video surveillance cameras at strategic points of your business, with a range of up to 30 metres so that you will be in complete control at all times.

    grabador_imagenes3 Grabadora imágenes HD

    HD image recorder

    Our video recording equipment employs the latest full HD recording technology, with up to 1TB of memory to save the recordings of your business.


    FREE personalised study and installation

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      What type of business do you want to protect?

      Your alarm for small and mid-sized enterprises

      • Keep the things that matter most to you safe with the best security system.
      • Anti-theft protection with anticipation technology and police notification.

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      Your alarm system for large areas

      • Personalised study and strategic placement of video surveillance system.
      • Centralised control and monitoring of the entire system.

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      Your security system for industries

      • Total control and protection of all facilities, with a range of up to 2000 metres.
      • Perimeter control and access control for employees, along with the best video surveillance system.

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      State-of-the-art security
      to protect your business

      Personalised security study

      FREE until the end of 2022

      + 4 free annual maintenance

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      Protection 24 hours
      a day 365 days a year

      Anti-suppression system for secure communications

      HD video
      surveillance system

      Permanent connection
      to our team

      Notification of police and
      emergency services

      Securtem maintenance

      We are different than everything you know

      At Securtem, we offer you the best service, best care and best products,
      something not all alarm and security companies can say.


      FREE personalised study and installation

      I would like you to call me

        Protector System

        We protect you
        wherever you are

        Protector System. Is always with you

        With our exclusive APP, feel protected everywhere. In the event of an accident, fall or any other emergency, simply push the ‘SOS’ button on your mobile. Notify any family member from the APP.

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        Securtem customers are satisfied customers

        I had an alarm with an international company that would not provide me with the service I took out and I decided to change to Securtem. They make everything easy and work under total transparency, which I really like.
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        Valoración 5 estrellas

        Extremely happy with the alarm system and especially the app, really user friendly. Installing the alarm also went smoothly, and everything was really easy.
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        Valoración 5 estrellas

        Delighted with the change of company and the installation. From the app I can run everything really easily and, with the alarm, the difference in quality is enormous. 100% recommended.
        Avatar testimonio3


        Valoración 5 estrellas

        Excellent service and quality. There’s no comparison. They explain everything to you easily and clearly and the app is really simple to stay on top of everything. I am also very satisfied with the maintenance service, which they strictly fulfil.
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        Valoración 5 estrellas

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