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Tips to make your life more secure


Regularly check the condition of the locks on your doors and windows

Locks are undoubtedly one of the weakest points in any home or business, as well as the main focus of attention for the security of your home or company. Locks become less effective, especially after a long time, becoming flimsier and more unstable. That is why it is so important to check them regularly.

Finally, do not forget to change the locks after you move, as you never know who might have made a copy of the keys.


Do not talk about your holidays and long trips on social media.

Although we all love boasting about our holidays or our dream hotel, we should all be very careful about what we publish on social media. Of course, an occasional story won’t put you in mortal danger… However, don’t give specific dates or talk about how long you’ll be away, especially the day you are leaving.

Also, try not to share your location to the degree possible to keep the things that matter most to you safe. Lastly, be careful about the photos you upload, as they may provide details or information that could put your and your loved ones’ security at risk.


Don’t let burglars discover your daily routines

Before breaking in, it is very likely that burglars may watch us to find out whether or not we are at home, to determine our daily routines and more details about our daily lives.

That is why it is so important that you never give information to strangers, either on social media or by leaving our home or business visible. Always be discrete to prevent scares and passing on information in public spaces.


Don’t keep large quantities of money or valuable objects in your home

Even though it may be cheaper to keep your money and valuables ‘under the mattress’ than in a bank or safe, the possibility of burglary is real. Very real. Concretely, in 2019 there were 270 burglaries a day, and burglars know all the possible tricks and hiding places for stashing money: the false bottom drawer, inside a sock or the hollow book in the library.

Our advice is to not take any chances and to keep your most valuable belongings in a safe with good security or in a protected place.


Make your house seem like someone is always home

It may seem silly to you, but making it seem like someone is home is one of the best deterrents to stop intruders.

Don’t close the blinds completely; ask a relative or neighbour to go by your house occasionally and have them empty the mailbox are a few things you can do. All with the purpose of simulating the greatest normality possible.

Another tip is to leave clothing hanging on the line or leave a light on permanently.


Don’t give your security codes to people outside your immediate circle

The security codes for your alarm and the passwords that provide access to your personal data must be extremely secure. In addition to never telling anyone besides your closest family members, security codes must be difficult to guess to make them as secure as possible.

Always remember that telling anyone your security codes – even someone in your closest circle – means losing some control over the security of your business or home.

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